When there is a lot of interest in issues regarding police violence, many people contribute data to this project, and it's impossible to keep up, so sometimes incidents take a while to reach the database. In an effort to prevent replication of labor, use these two sheets to see if the incident you want to research has already been researched. It's easy. Just click anywhere on the top sheet and search the person's last name. You may get many results, just be patient and check them all. Then repeat the process on the bottom spreadsheet. This top spreadsheet shows two things: 1) The verified data uploaded from the Fatal Encounters form. 2) Under the yellow row with the name Dixon Rodriguez, are the brand new incidents that haven't yet been moved to our fact-check queue (the bottom spreadsheet).

Don't worry, the spammy and troll stuff never makes it into the database; that's a separate process. For anyone who'd like to download this spreadsheet for any purpose, go here, then under File, go Download as, then select a format. Please let me know if you make something cool.

This bottom spreadsheet shows fatal encounters people have researched and submitted that haven't yet been fact-checked, so they aren't yet in the database. Usually, it takes a couple weeks to move through the system, particularly when there is a high volume of work by volunteers.