It’s a little weird to ask for money, but when we started, I was paying for this whole thing out of my own pocket. And believe me, as a student and a lifelong journalist, there’s not a hell of a lot in my pocket.

Fatal Encounters received 501(c)3 public charity status from the IRS on Nov. 20, 2014. Our EIN is 47-2263583. Your donations are tax deductible beginning June 9, 2014. Thus far, this effort has been nearly entirely self-funded and populated by volunteers. We haven’t asked for any financial assistance, but we’re a little overwhelmed right now, and I’d like to pay a few people to assist with data entry. I’d appreciate it if you’d click the “Donate” link above, and throw a little help our way. Thank you.

D. Brian

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EIN is 47-2263583
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David Burghart

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