This top map includes incidents in which I've been able to populate most of the fields in the spreadsheet. It also shows the fatal encounters that have made it to the database indicating race. Too often journalists don't report the race of the person killed by police because it's considered unethical to report it unless it's germane to the report. Race is always germane in matters of use of deadly force. It is more detailed than the map below since I've been able to double-check information against media reports, or in some cases, public documents. This map will be considered "in development" until all reports can be checked against official public records. Help move incidents from the map below onto this one by going here and researching a row and adding the detailed information here. It'll probably only take you around 20 minutes. I'd really appreciate more information on race and determinations of justification; if you can link to something official or an image, please go here for clarifications or corrections.
This bottom map shows fatal encounters from Jan. 1, 2000 to current that I've scraped from the web. Each incident requires more information in order to include the data in the above map. Please go to "How to help" to help me move incidents from this bottom map to the top. Special thanks to the MapAList folks for creating the little people icons to help me represent race. MapAList is an wonderful tool for mapping complex topics.